Wayne Preston
Wayne Preston
Math Teacher
Wayne Preston Employee Profile

BA in mathematics from the University of Kansas

Mr. Preston received his BA in mathematics from the University of Kansas.  He has taught in the US Army and various corporations.  Sunday School teacher for 15 years has been his most enjoyable teaching experience.  Mr. Preston has been involved in teaching wood carving at several of the Adult Education program in New Hampshire and Maine.  He also taught GED math at Traip Academy in Kittery.  He also ran a program in Exeter called Socrates Café where students would work out topics using the Socratic Method.  He likes to use that methodology in his teaching of any topic.

He lives in Somersworth with his wife Chris.  He has two adult daughters who live in Kansas City plus four grandchildren.


Favorite scripture: John 14:2  “In my Father house….”

These are words from the mouth of Jesus.  This trumps all other all other theology for me.


And here is what I gave Paul:

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