Supporting Our School

Giving and strength is a critical component to the prosperity of Tri-City Christian Academy. By joining together alumni, parents and friends, we can, and do, make a significant contribution to the progress of TCCA in the form of time, talent and treasure. Every gift from every donor, regardless of the amount, is important to building our future. Thank you.

There are several ways you can show your support.


    As TCCA looks to the future, we hold steadfast in our core values. The Annual Future Funds Campaign helps us continue our mission of providing the finest Christian education available at a tremendous value. Donations to this annual campaign are used to help fund initiatives to enhance academic programs and facilities, retain highly qualified faculty and continue to offer a wide variety of student activities.

    Unrestricted Gifts

    Unrestricted gifts are used to serve the mission of TCCA and give us the flexibility to use the funds where the need is greatest. Some would fulfill needs that arise urgently; other gifts would be used to strengthen ongoing student programs or to help fund our mission and recent expansion project.

    Restricted Gifts

    Restricted gifts are those gifts made to specific areas: capital improvements, athletics, the arts, financial aid. These gifts allow our students to enjoy extra benefits not provided by the operating budget.

    Scholarship Fund

    Scholarship Fund provides assistance for families who would not be able to attend TCCA otherwise.

    End of Year Giving

    Opportunities for sharing come through end of year giving. These funds are utilized within the school to enhance programs in operation.  Gifts to Tri-City Christian Academy are fully tax deductible.


    Our students are our greatest resource for the future. Endowments ensure that they have access to a quality, Christian education that values academic excellence and personal growth. Tri-City Christian Academy has recently established the TCCA Endowment Fund, which will eventually provide substantial financing to the school through interest generated. Money will be continually added to the principal by various means, but the principal shall never be diminished by accessing it for any school expenditures.

    Endowment gifts are governed by the school's Board of Trustees and include contributions to the General Endowment Fund.

    Ten percent of the profits of all fundraisers will go into the TCCA Endowment Fund. Parental support of these fundraisers greatly assists in expanding the program of Tri-City Christian Academy. In addition, the fund receives designated tax-deductible gift donations, and it will soon receive funds from those who have included the TCCA Endowment Fund in their wills. In the near future, it is expected that professional legal counsel will be conveniently available at no charge to all those who desire assistance in incorporating the TCCA Endowment Fund into their estate planning.

    To learn more about the TCCA Endowment Fund, please contact the school administrator.


    TCCA fundraisers are strategically planned to provide a quality Christian education offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities, new school equipment, expanded facilities, and faculty training - all while maintaining a reasonable tuition scale.

    Fundraisers will be those that best serve TCCA and are therefore guided by the principle of being most agreeable to the parents we serve. All TCCA fundraisers shall be completely voluntary with no parental response mandated. Fundraisers should not require significant work from parents, such as collecting funds and distributing items, even if they do participate only on a voluntary basis.

    Larger school-wide fundraisers will be conducted to support general school purposes, which benefit all, and smaller individual fundraisers will be conducted to support particular school purposes, which benefit only a part of the TCCA community. The larger school-wide fundraisers will be designed to achieve the secondary purpose of creating unity and enthusiasm for the entire TCCA community. The smaller individual fundraisers will be designed to achieve the secondary purpose of teaching our students the importance of planning and hard work.

    Ten percent of the profits of all fundraisers will go into the TCCA Endowment Fund. Parental support of these fundraisers greatly assists in expanding the program of the school.

    Annual Auction & Dinner Gala

    The annual Auction & Dinner Gala is a major fundraiser for the school. Organized by parents, this event is used to sustain and expand the goals of TCCA, which are to serve families in our surrounding communities and provide a quality Christian education for their children, all while maintaining a very competitive tuition. New school equipment, faculty and curriculum enhancements, facility development and a wide variety of extracurricular programs will all be made possible through this endeavor.

    Businesses and school family members are encouraged to participate! To sponsor, volunteer, donate or attend, please contact the school at (603) 692-2093. For more information, visit the Auction webpage.

    Booster Committee Fundraisers

    The Booster Committee supports the school by facilitating the following programs:

    • General Mills Box Tops Program
    • Hannaford Helps Schools

    For more information on any of these fundraising programs, please visit the Booster Committee webpage.

    TCCA Cash Raffle

    Sponsored by the TCCA Advancement Committee! Our raffle will run from Tuesday, November 1st through Friday, December 9th, with the grand prize drawing for the $1,000 CASH PRIZE taking place at the Middle School/High School Christmas concert!

    If you would like to help this raffle be a successful fundraiser for the school, we have GREAT NEWS!

    We have formed a Raffle Committee, co-chaired by Mr. Gib Hearn and Ms. Brianne Tarleton, which exists to advertise, support, and facilitate our Annual Raffle!

    Please contact Ms. Tarleton ( for more information or to sign-up for the Raffle Committee.


    Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Please contact your Human Resources department about your Matching Gift Program.




    Get Involved!

    The success of our school is due in part to our faithful volunteers. Parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends have significantly contributed to many of the school initiatives and we are a better school because of their ongoing dedication and support. Our volunteers make a difference!

    Please contact Tri-City Christian Academy with any questions or for additional information. We may be reached directly at info@tcca-nh.comor (603) 692-2093.

    Thank you for your continued support of the academic and extra-curricular programs of Tri-City Christian Academy!

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