Before/After School Care

Our before and after school care program is designed to serve today's busy families. Opening our doors each morning at 6:30 am and remaining open until 6:00 pm provides the versatility in child care and student supervision all of us need at times. (See Page 11 of the Parent/Student Handbook for more information.)


Individual and group activities in a supervised safe setting allow the student to easily transition into and out of the regular classroom part of their day. 

Before and After School Care is available to children from Beginners through 5th Grade.  When students arrive prior to 8:00am, after clocking in, and depending on the weather, they may go outside, report to the gym or go to the cafeteria.   Your child is automatically enrolled in the After School Care program if they are on school premises after 3:00pm (Beginners - 5th Grade), giving parents piece of mind that their child(ren) is safe. High school students have freedom to visit our library, work in our computer lab, or socialize with friends. Elementary students have a supervised time for their homework. Kindergarten students just have fun.

We use the ProCare childcare management software system for before and after school care attendance tracking and accurate billing.  Please visit our Registration/Tuition page for fee information.


Before School

  • Sign in immediately with staff and remain in the sanctuary until 7:50am.

If your child is at school after 3pm they will remain in their homeroom and automatically be signed into the BASC system.

After School -

  • 3-4pm students will work on homework, study, read, work independently on research projects, etc.
  • 4-5pm students will enjoy time outside (weather permitting). If weather does not cooperate, students will be in classrooms for structured free time.
  • 5-6pm students will be inside the middle school classrooms enjoying structured free time - playing games, doing crafts, etc.

For the safety of your middle school student, a parent or guardian must sign the student out of the BASC program prior to the student leaving the BASC program for the afternoon.

For the convenience of families having students at both our school locations, TCCA provides a free daily van shuttle service (departing WHS for RHR at 7:50 am, and departing RHR for WHS at 8 am) each morning. Parents may thus choose either school location for Before School Care.

Advance notice or signing up for this program is not necessary. We're here for you.

Mr. John Correia - High School Director
Mrs. Naomi Baldiga - Middle School Director

Mrs. Marshall - Elementary Director 

Mrs. Treat - Kindergarten Director

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