Middle School

Why choose a Christian middle school?
A private Christian middle school can be a wonderful blessing for parents and children during this crucial time in a young person’s development.

Understanding the Adolescent
Supporting, challenging, and loving the adolescent learner during the interval between elementary school and high school is significant in the development of each student at Tri-City Christian Academy.  The often “tumultuous” years of adolescence need teachers of strength, stability, flexibility, and a keen sense of humor. The middle school staff members possess these important attributes. As they manage their instructional environments with great expertise, their sensitivity to spiritual, social and emotional needs of middle-level students provides many teachable moments in addition to the academic curriculum. Students are encouraged in their walk with Christ and their knowledge of His truth. Students are given the tools to develop strong organizational skills, critical thinking skills and develop a strong Christian character. A Christian middle school experience can preserve the values instilled by families during a time of tremendous peer pressure. At Tri-City Christian Academy our middle school program encourages parents to work with us as a team to help their child grow spiritually, academically, physically and emotionally.

High School Preparation
Students are prepared for a broad and diverse high school offering of courses in English, math, science, computer, Bible, and foreign language.

Department Director and Teacher: Naomi Clark

Core Subject Teachers: 

Naomi Clark (7th homeroom teacher)
Josiah Clark (8th homeroom teacher)
Yolande Clark (6th homeroom teacher)
Carol Locke
Brian Nolder
Wayne Preston
Jay MacDougall
Christopher Walsworth

Our middle school students will have the pleasure of working with TCCA’s talented related arts teachers. (Samantha Murphy ,Deborah Wilson)

Academic Downloads: Middle School

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Icon for pdf 2018-2019 6th-8th Class Schedules
Available as of: Oct 30, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 Middle/High School Memory Work
Available as of: Sep 06, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 School Events Calendar
Available as of: Aug 09, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 7th & 8th Grade Supply list
Available as of: Aug 05, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 6th Grade Supply List
Available as of: Jul 26, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 6th Grade Book List
Available as of: Jul 13, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 7th Grade Booklist
Available as of: Jul 13, 2018
Icon for pdf 2018-19 8th Grade Booklist
Available as of: Jul 13, 2018
Icon for pdf Middle School Before and After School Care
Available as of: Jun 01, 2015
Icon for pdf Elementary Catechism

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